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Exemplo de montagem para 5 contadores trifásicos e corte de 125A

Exemplo de montagem para 16 contadores trifásicos e corte de 250A


Centralisation of meters in a building or on each of its floors. It must remain close to the origin of the electrical installation (in use), more specifically:
- Outside the area occupied by the electrical installation (in use);
- In the entrance hall to the building or close by;
It is assembled on the surface or semi-integrated and is advantageous for the facility owner and electricity distributor.

Made of polyester reinforced with grey fibreglass, RAL 7035.
Lids made of transparent polycarbonate.
Category II insulation.
General cut-off box with a triangular lock and prepared for EDP lock.

EN 61439-2
Based on EDP* normative document DIT-C14-140/N

*EDP - Energias de Portugal

General tetrapolar cut-off.
Minimum busbars: 100 m22
Minimum section conductors: 10 m2
22x58 fused short-circuit device.
Outputs to terminals.
Ground busbars in the output box.
Removable connection box (option).
Nominal voltage: 400V, 50Hz
Transitory overvoltage (Uimp): 4kV
Overvoltage category: CAT III
Insulation voltage: 600V
Nominal current: according to order made.
Short-circuit current: according to order made.
Neutral regime: TT
Diversity factor (RDF): 0.8 for (4-5 outputs); 0.7 (for 6-9 outputs)
CEM environment: B
Pollution level: 3
Protection levels: IP41 IK10
Insulation category: Category II
Internal separation method: Method 4A
Connection type: FF
Fixed exterior installation at up to 2000 m high.

Note: Product made to measure and to order.



CE34-3 03CxxxMxxxT-xxx-xxxA


AL attended the ELEC Expo, held 7-10 October in Casablanca.
Electricity, lighting, electronics and industrial automation are the subject of this fair.
In the electricity sector, we believe that the Moroccan market has potential and will provide new challenges.
The fair passed expectations with the number of visitors rising relative to last presence of AL at fairs in the Moroccan market.